City Roots Summer CSA
Registration is OPEN!

June 28 - August 30


We are so excited for our Summer CSA! We were going to start it in July and go for two months, but we couldn't wait. We decided to start it early, the last week of June, in the first full week of Summer. As our gift to you, we are buying that first week. Thank you, for spending your Summer with us, and taking us along on your CSA journey!


Enjoy local, organic, fresh produce on a weekly basis & support your in-town, sustainable farm by becoming a City Roots CSA Member.

How it works:

You receive a “share” of the season’s crops, which ensures a future portion of each week’s harvest at a 10-15% discount off regular retail pricing. Pick-up is at City Roots farm on Thursdays, 12 - 7pm, and Fridays, 9 am – 4 pm.

You will receive weekly emails with a description of items in that week's share, pick-up details, storage tips, and recipes.
Also, stay tuned for an email with more information on the City Roots CSA Member Community on Facebook and City Roots CSA Member events.

Note that some weeks may be more bountiful than others. However, we track the dollar value of produce you receive each week to ensure that you get the appropriate amount for the season.

What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is an alternative model of production and marketing, usually with small, organic farms, whereby customers buy a portion of a farm’s harvest in advance.

Why join City Roots CSA?

Buying produce from City Roots at farmers markets can be very rewarding, but a City Roots CSA membership goes a step further. As a City Roots CSA Member, you enter into a relationship with us, your farmer, that we hope continues season after season. Our goal is to provide you with produce each week, but also with the tools you need to sucessfuly store and cook what's in your share.

Being a City Roots CSA Member is a journey and a commitment, and can be extremely rewarding, but the reward of a CSA can also be a challenging adjustment. You will have to get creative to reap the benefits of seasonal eating and making a weekly visit to City Roots farm. We are here to help you though! Through weekly emails from City Roots and through advice on the City Roots CSA Member Community on Facebook you will become a City Roots CSA master.

Beyond nourishing your body, we also aim to strengthen your connection to people in your community who are on the same CSA journey as you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share recipes, tips, and experiences with fellow City Roots CSA Members once you gain access to the City Roots CSA Member Community. City Roots will also host periodic City Roots CSA members only events for you to enjoy.


Members Said:

"You all are very organized! I love getting the email letting us know what will be in our box, with recipes and storage tips. It's also an upper to come and pick up our produce at the farm. The "surprise" element has led us to culinary experiments. I love eating such healthy, special food, with the seasons. I appreciate the swap option."
"Good portions of veggies for the cost! Everything was fresh and lasted crisply until used up."
"(We liked) learning to cook and eat some vegetables that were totally new to our family. Also, the mushrooms!"

Interested in a more flexible CSA?
Try our Market-Style CSA!

market haul.jpg

Instead of a prepackaged share that is picked up each week at the farm, a Market Style CSA provides you with the flexibility to choose the exact produce you want and the convenience to pick from our diverse harvest each week at a discounted rate.

We pre-load a debit card with your chosen CSA value. You can use your card to shop at the City Roots farm store and at City Roots market stands.


You Pay: $300
Your Debit Card Value: $345
(Enjoy 15% discount!)


You Pay: $200
Your Debit Card Value: $220
(Enjoy 10% discount!)


City Roots Farmers Market
1005 Airport Blvd, Columbia, SC
Every Thursday, 4 – 7 pm

City Roots Farm Store
1005 Airport Blvd, Columbia, SC
Monday - Friday, 9 am – 5 pm

Soda City Market
1500 Block - Main Street, Columbia, SC
Every Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm

Pacific Box & Crate Farmers Market
at Workshop - 1503 King St., Charleston, SC
Every Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm

Market CSAs must be purchased in person at the farm or at the farmers markets, where you'll be issued your pre-loaded debit card!