As a volunteer you will be thrown right into the daily activities of the crew. Depending on the day and the season you may be asked to help harvest, weed, transplant, wash vegetables, pack orders, tidy up for an event or partake in other tasks or projects. There is always something to do on the farm! You can expect to be put to work with our staff and very frequently outdoors, in all weather conditions.

It is often a good idea to wear layers, as the temperature tends to fluctuate throughout the day, depending on which area of the farm you are assigned to (i. e. greenhouse vs field work). Footwear is also something important to be considered. Please wear study work shoes. Flip-flops and other less durable shoes are not suitable for farm work. Some other items to bring include:     Sunscreen, Hat for the sun, Work gloves, A bottle of water,  A sense of humor and a good attitude.

Volunteers are welcome at the farm Monday through Friday. We split our day into a morning and an afternoon shift: the morning shift is from 9:00 AM to about 12:00-12:30 PM and the afternoon shift starts about 1:30-2:00 PM until 5:00 PM. We do stop for a daily meal together, though more often than not we get a late start and thus the flexible end & start times for the morning and afternoon shifts, respectively. 

Please plan to commit at least 3 hours to your time as a volunteer with us at City Roots. This ensures enough time is available for clear instruction and training before beginning a shift, cleanup time at the end of a shift and a reasonable amount of time for project or task completion. 

please call or email cityroots@cityroots.org *24 hours in advance* to schedule a time to volunteer


Apply to be an Intern

City Roots internships are for those individuals who are serious about farming. While no prior experience is required, genuine interest in sustainable farming and a willingness to learn are required. Those who are accepted as interns will be welcomed into all aspects of the farm. In addition to daily chores and seasonal activities, the intern will rotate through all of the functional areas of the farm, including: field, greenhouse, retail/barn, events, markets, and more. The number of internships available varies seasonally. A 12-week, 3 month, minimum commitment is required with flexible start and end dates and both part time (15 - 25 hours / week) and full time (30 - 40 hours per week) opportunities. If needed, can work with school to be used for academic internship credit.

Perks of interning include:

  • Daily 50% discount on fresh produce
  • Free 'reduced shelf life' produce
  • Daily lunch provided on-site
  • Limited full-time internships with weekly stipend available (please inquire for more details)

If you are interested, please learn more and apply at http://www.cityroots.org/internships/