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 Our operation is highly diverse and offers numerous educational opportunities. We rotate each intern through four different areas of the farm: retail, green house, mushroom production and the field. They are assigned one of our managers as a mentor in each area. We try to impart as much information as possible on all aspects of the farm such as no-till vegetable production, farm tools and tractor implements, tractor operation, no-till vegetable production, micro greens, aquaponics, mushroom production, vermicomposting and composting, cover cropping, crop rotation, agritourism, farm tours, farmers markets, produce packaging, farm record keeping and accounting and much more. Open communication is vital to achieving daily tasks, and questions and feedback are always welcome at City Roots. 

Typical hours are Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm. We take a one hour lunch break. Lunch is provided on farm daily along with snacks and coffee. 

In addition to Monday – Friday our greenhouses are in operation Saturday and Sunday 8-5 and we have numerous evening and weekend events on the farm, which are an opportunity for additional paid work.


Full Season Internship – 3 positions available

For those with previous farm experience, we have a full season internship from March 6th until November 18th. This opportunity allows for the individual to immerse themselves in a full season of farm activities and to greater understand the farm operation as it cycles through the growing seasons. This position requires at least 40 hrs per week and includes shared housing at an adjacent property to the farm. The stipend is $200 per week, farm produce and housing included. There are additional paid opportunities to work markets and agritourism events. Three positions available. 

Spring Internship - 2 positions available

We accept paid internships from February 13 – May 12th. Internships are 30 hrs a week and receive a stipend of $200 per week. 

Summer Internship – 3 Positions available

We accept paid internships from May 15th - August 11th during our busy season. Full time internships are 30 hrs a week and receive a stipend of $200 per week. 

Fall Internship – 2 Positions available

We accept paid internships for the fall from August 14th – November 18th. Full time internships are 30 hrs a week and receive a stipend of $200 per week. 

Part Time Internship – open year round

During the winter, early spring and fall we only accept interns in a part time capacity and the positions are unpaid. During peak season we do offer part time, unpaid internships to those interested in learning from us but do Not have the schedule to commit 30 hrs a week. The minimum commitment is 10 hrs. per week.


City Roots internships are for those individuals who are serious about farming. While no prior experience is required, genuine interest in sustainable farming, willingness to learn and a positive attitude are required. Those who are accepted as interns will be welcomed into the inner workings of the farm. In addition to daily chores and seasonal activities, interns will be a part of all aspects of the farm including: the field, the greenhouse, the barn (retail), events, markets, deliveries, cut flowers, mushroom production, agritourism and more! Please sign to apply.
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About the farm

City Roots, South Carolina's first urban sustainable farm, is located on a five acre urban site in the Rosewood Neighborhood. Organically Certified by USDA, we grow over a hundred varieties of fruits and vegetables, keep bees not only for honey but for pollination, raise chickens not only for eggs but for the fertility they add to our soil. We do extensive crop rotations and cover cropping for soil fertility and pest management. We have a large scale composting operation which we use to amend our soil and by doing so have diverted hundreds of tons of material destined for the land fill into rich, fertile soil. We create worm casting and worm tea via vermicomposting to use as a fertilizer. We produce microgreens year round and operate an aquaponic system which is the combination of aquaculture, the production of commercial fish (tilapia), and hydroponics, the growing of plants in a water medium, that mimics a stream and pond ecosystem. We also grow culinary mushrooms and cut flowers. City Roots conducts numerous agritourism activities including on farm tours, farm to table dinners, and venue rentals. We also operate a 5 acre farm located ten minutes away at a near by high school, which is where the bulk of our vegetable operation takes place. We operate all of our farms in a holistic fashion with each part playing an integral role in the overall system. Further details about the farm can be found on our website